I Want a Divorce

by Grammar

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released January 30, 2015

All songs written and preformed by Grammar.
Produced by Kevin Scott
Recorded and mixed by Taylor Lewin at Humans Win!
Mastered by Rob Schlette at Anthem Mastering

Marc Zazzaro - Vocals, guitars, banjo
Laura Holmes - Vocals, keyboards, bells, ukulele
Matt Abbott - Bass
Sam Rockwell - Drums, vocals



all rights reserved


Grammar Minneapolis, Minnesota

Grammar is an indie-folk band from Minneapolis, MN that is attempting to respond to the recent indie-folk boom. Grammar melds sweet melodies and rich harmonies with jarring knife-to-the-gut lyrical and instrumental moments, challenging the genre to which it ascribes. At least, that's what they want you to believe. Mostly, Grammar just wants to get down. ... more

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Track Name: I Want a Divorce
Baby Put that Gun Away
We both Know it's not Loaded anyway
The world's not Out to get us -
At some point some coin must have landed on its side
Kicked up a land slide buried us both

Oh my god here we go
You've looped your thread
When you're slamming doors
You're pulling teeth right out of my head.
No don't stop darling
No don't stop darling
I've got some molars left

I need a witness
As you storm about our living room
You have shattered everything until there's nothing left to sweep the piece underneath
I don't care what you say
I was lying half the time that I told you that I loved you

Here we go
You've looped your thread
And when they drop the floors
Let's hope it's long enough to snap my neck
Hangman don't cover my face I want
My toothless grin burned in your head
Track Name: Colossus
Burn your
Race the flames across the void

Take in
With the urgency of a

Mother placin' nickels on her daughter's eyes
of a
cuckold buying flowers for his perfect wife.
and of me
Flailing against the machine.

Cut your
Make em bleed for the damage done

Build your
With the knowledge that

There will come a moment
Long after you're gone
Puttin away her cart In a supermarket parking lot
Some trail of thought brought on by some random sign
When Jenny'll think back down her ancestry line

Then your name will be spoken for the very last time.

And she'll go on with her life
Track Name: Father's Son
i did 30 years hard labor
slaving in a corporate mine
punching in and punching out
selling every minute of my time

so i took my troubles home
between the notches of my spine
and in the end it cost me
all three children and my wife

oh but it didn't take you long to figure out
your time is not something you're gonna sell
too many loves inside your heart to waste it all on one
thank god you're not your father's son

now i guess you'd call me happy
shacking up with wifey number two
but my kids call me a stranger
what a way to waste a youth
Track Name: Flowers
Met a curious girl in indy
Complexion fair
Sharp Nose, dark eyes, sunbleached hair

She carries this book with her
Wherever She goes
Old wooden bindings clasping the meticulous notes

Of A grieving widow
Leaves Flowers on Robert's tomb
Noting each type, amount, and color, too.

Every week for years
Another entry for good old Bob
Until, one December, the notes just stop.

I met a curious girl in Indy
And I asked her what it all meant
She looked at me, shrugged, and then she said:
Track Name: Sports
Threw the remote into the couch so hard
It bounced back and tape came off.
Batteries spilling across the floor
had to pull the plug on the television

I don't know why I
care about some guy with a name on his shirt
I come up with reasons why this city deserves it

And I live when they win
I live when they win
I live when they win
And die when they lose.

You say that I'm rooting for laundry
No no these kids are different
see That name on the front of their chests
Means so much more than the name on yours'

I don't know why I
care about some guy with a name on his shirt
I come up with reasons why this city deserves it

And I live when they win
I live when they win
I live when they win
And die when they lose.

Pick up the batteries all over the floor
Get a new piece of tape for the peeling
Plug the power cord back in the wall
Get ready for next season